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About Us!


Summerland Liquor Store has been in business since May, 2018. Our mission is to provide the best selection of beer wine & spirits in in the South Okanagan. Summerland Liquor Store is community oriented and locally focused. However, we also offer a wide variety of international products! We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and we strive to have something for everyone.  

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8th Generation  - Pinot Meunier Rosé 

"100% Pinot Meunier, Estate grown in Summerland. 24 hour skin contact, then gently pressed. A sexy pink fruit explosion with refreshing acidity. An addictive summer sipper! "

This seasonal favorite is in high demand every year. #GetItHere!





Foamers Folly Gin & Spruce


This sour ale was brewed with Gillespie’s Fine Spirits’ Raspberry Gin. Filled with locally foraged botanicals and raspberries, plus our own addition of spruce tips, this beer is citrusy, sour, and harmoniously balanced.

Hoyne Appletons ESB


A flavourful and sessionable ESB that pays tribute to Frank Appleton. Malty aroma and a fresh hoppiness profile.

Oro blanco Phillips


Pours a light golden straw colour, this brew is crafted with a blend of wheat, house-malted barley, lactobacillus, grapefruit and lime juice. The citrus grapefruit notes dance upfront before finishing refreshingly tart.




Twa Dogs IPA


Fresh citrus notes come up front and lead into a light pine character. The hops are prominent but a lightly toasted malt character has a touch of sweetness that balances the hop bitterness.

Phillips Shortwave


This wireless beer transmitter pours a beautiful sunset orange colour with a pillow white head. A medium, malt-forward body is electrified with bright citrus hops until sweetness and bitter are dialed to balance.

Cannery Brewing Muse


The Muse has an aroma that is light and fresh with a defined malt character, citrus, pine and an earthiness that grounds the beer. The aroma is quite fragrant yet still forecasts a sessionable beer. Tasting the beer it is big with malt tones that lead into a light pine and citrus tone.





Get it while you can! *Limited release*

This IPA is packed full of 2017 Simcoe hops creating an amazingly fresh and vibrant hop character. Sounds delicious. 


IBU | 45

ABV | 5.7%


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